Artificial Intelligence Monitoring tools

I was curious if anyone knew of any AI tools/extensions that might exist that act as a monitoring tool for a game? So it basically sits in the background monitoring what the player is doing and calculates logical responses based on the players choices in a game. Not looking for the AI to actually control characters, npc's, etc. in it's responses, just to observe the players actions and based on those actions, give suggestions to the player if the player is having difficulty in a particular area of the game.

Example: If the game is a puzzle game and the player is having a difficult time with a particular puzzle, the AI will take notice of this and give hints or suggestions to the player.


I was thinking of something like this a while ago... Best I could think of was divide your game "map" in to different zones. Each zone has it's own average time, so like, have people play it through a couple of times, take the averages of them all, and make that the goal time. So let's say this part of the game takes 10 seconds to complete. So you'd just put the player in it, and check the time in the zone, and once it is about 30 percent above the goal time, so 13 seconds, it automatically shows a hint...

So, puzzles have their own zone, tutorial has its own zone, etc. etc. And each zone has its own name and what not... If this makes sense?