As of Unity 4.6, which C# language features still haven't been implemented?

There is an unsurprising amount of curiosity about this on the web, but a surprising lack of clear responses. So I thought I’d make a question thread for people to find answers about specific language feature implementations.

I have done quite a bit of research on this, and know the answers to some of the specific questions I put forward. But I’m extremely new to Unity and could be wrong, so will leave it to responders to post any links or info you find appropriate. Please try to consider this information as a resource for those just getting their feet wet before responding. I’ll mirror a similar post on the forums. Thanks!

General Question:

As of Unity 4.6, which C# language features still haven’t been implemented in the compiler Unity uses?

Specific queries:

Support for implicit types (C# var data type)?

Support for asynchronous programming (async/await)?

Support for Lambda Expressions?

Support for dynamic binding?

Support for Expression Trees?

Support for auto-properties?

Here is a preview of C# 6 features. Several of these improvements relate directly to our workflow as game developers. Has anyone found any OFFICIAL information on what Unity’s plans for C# language features are in the future?

Nothing has changed since somewhere around Unity 2. Unity uses Mono 2.6, which is approximately .NET 3.5. The easiest thing is just to write a line of code with the feature in question and see if it compiles.

As for the future, The future of scripting in Unity | Unity Blog