Ask sqlite database browser

What some people will use sqlite database browser do?
How to query and display the unity inside sqlite database browser information?

This is a program found on the Internet
Will be shown into the unity of this project can not find dbAccess
A master can answer me?

var db = dbAccess;
public var mskin : GUISkin;
private var mstring : String;

var inputStr;

function Start(){
inputStr = "1";

function search(mid)
db = new dbAccess();
var db.OpenDB("tset.db");
var tableName = "myTable";
// table name, I want to return everyone whose first name is Bob when their last name is = to Sagat, this returs an array
var resultArray = db.SingleSelectWhere(tableName, "name", "id", "=", mid); // Remember the '' on String values
// of course you can loop through them all if you wish

function OnGUI()
inputStr =GUI.TextField(new Rect(200, 154, 200, 30),inputStr,25);
if(GUI.Button(new Rect(400,154,60,30),"search"))
GUI.Label(new Rect(10,400,400,900),mstring);

If you are targetting a webplayer build then the addition of DLLs to the project is complicated. Basically only pure assemblies can be used, and if the DLL contains any native code the DLL will not be allowed to be included. If the library that provides your database functions is purely written in c# then your code should work. I suspect that the code you are trying to call is written in native code and so the example above will fail.