(ask the experts) Rigidbody Vs CharacterController

I have used to work with chatacter controller for the past 3 years and it has been a very open solution to writing any physics that I needed.

However last year I switched to RigidBody and it seemed to do anything I tried before but much faster and more convinient.
I can create so many different types of Players on the same encapsulated code and not change much, when in character controller it seems to be much harder to achieve the same result.
So in modern Unity, what is the difference between ChatacterController and RigidBody? And do you think Unity has a possibility of releasing a mixed version of them in the future?
What is your opinion on such a thing as chatacter controller (capsule) collider with the built in settings (like IsGrounded, slopes control, etc) with rigidbody’s .AddForce and .AddTorque.

Thank you, and happy Unite!:star_struck::sparkles:

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Not a pro but in my opinion getting a RigidBody’s movement right is a hasle mainly because of drag and physics materials, character controllers are simpler and i believe have less clipping problems.