Asked Muse about the performance of URP and Built-In. Do you agree with the answer?

Hi. I’ve got an access to the Muse beta testing, so I decided to ask it about which pipeline is faster and easier for the devices. Do you agree with the Muse answer? The Muse answer is:

Comparing the Built-In Render Pipeline and URP (Universal Render Pipeline), URP is generally faster and easier on devices, especially for lower-end hardware, mobile, and VR platforms.

The Built-In Render Pipeline is the default rendering pipeline in Unity and provides a wide range of features and customization options. However, it can be more complex and less optimized than URP, making it more difficult to achieve high performance on lower-end devices.

URP is a lightweight and optimized rendering pipeline designed to deliver high performance across a wide range of devices. It provides a simplified workflow and a more streamlined set of features compared to the Built-In Render Pipeline. URP is optimized for mobile and VR devices, making it a good choice for these platforms.

In summary, if you’re targeting a wide range of devices, including mobile and VR, URP is the better option due to its optimizations and performance benefits.