Asking for help to do the God of War project

Hello, I was able to extract all the resources from the game God of War 1
Models, sounds, textures, and animations
I know that my work is illegal, but since this version is very old and is no longer sold, I only want to use its animations, since these resources were encoded in the God of War game engine when extracted to strange formats and Strange things have changed and I was able to make the animations in Unity fully compatible with my system with difficulty and using several software.
I want to do a series of things that I have done in a test project
For example, the character moves, jumps, rolls, swims in the water, goes on the ladder and…
But I could not do some functions because our programming is a little weak
If any of you are willing to help me, please contact me on my Telegram ID so that I can send you both the resources and the project so that you can do the rest of the work on the project.
This is my telegram address @AzizNeshan