Aspect Ratio changes GUI Location Code in CSHARP

I have asked this question before but did not make it clear, so I shall try again. I have created a texture, that is for the background of my screen. On top of this background, with coding, not adding game objects, I have added 4 different gui textures of human faces that is to be the players characters. When I put them where they belong by coding the texture rec, I have tried using screen width height, adding their location through a variable of float, and I have tried declaring it directly within the rect, however my GUI faces move around the screen when the aspect ratio is changed. I tried building it and seeing if they would move around per different size of the screen and they do. They must STAY in PLACE!!! They cannot wander off and get lost. How in the world do you make this happen. Pixel inset did not work, adding game objects (not that I wanted to, just expiremening) of gui texture and putting them in the right place did not work. I have searched high and low to find out what is going wrong though everytime I think I have found it, it says to use screen width/heigt or pixel inset… I tried and did not work. How do you keep gui in place when the aspect ratio is changed!!!

thanks in advance!

using UnityEngine;

using System.Collections;

// Use this on a guiText or guiTexture object to automatically have them
// adjust their aspect ratio when the game starts.

public class GuiRatioFixer : MonoBehaviour
public float m_NativeRatio = 1.3333333333333F;

void Start ()
    float currentRatio = (float)Screen.width / (float)Screen.height;
    Vector3 scale = transform.localScale;
    scale.x *= m_NativeRatio / currentRatio;
    transform.localScale = scale;