Aspect Ratio Fitter is not keeping the aspect ratio of a vertical image

I am trying to have the player be able to choose any image from their PC and input it onto a UI Image. But to make sure that it is the right size, I wanted to make it have an Aspect Ratio Fitter to keep it from being too big and stay proportional. But if the width is smaller than the height, it sets the aspect ratio to 0, rendering the image to be invisible. My aspect mode is set to Fit In Parent. Also, any other image works fine, as long as the width is bigger than the height. Thanks in advance!


[Vertical Image](

[Non Vertical Image](

I found the answer. Apparently, when you divide two integers, you will get an integer answer, even if you want it to be a float. To fix this, you can write (float) before the variables you are going to use.