Assembly-CSharp as Default Class Library for Scripts?

So i’m new to Unity and I have a question about the Libraries for created scripts.

When I make a new script, I find that this is under a Class Library in Visual Studio 2017 with the name: Assembly-CSharp.

Any video I find online for a Unity walkthrough has the Library named differently, usually it’s the same as the solution name(Project Name) for the basic ones.

Here is a screenshot of this video at 1:09(How to make a Video Game in Unity - PROGRAMMING (E02) - YouTube)

I find this is wrong, or i’m just concerned i’m starting off on the wrong foot, why is it defaulting this way for me?

Unity creates a project based on a Solution File (.sln) that contains the assemblies references (.csproj files)

When a script is in Assets root it will be in Assembly-Csharp

When a script is under an Editor folder then it will be in Assembly-CSharp-Editor

When a script is under Standard Assets it will be in Assembly-CSharp-firstpass

When a script is under Standard Assets/Editor it will be under Assembly-CSharp-Editor-firstpass

This is because Unity separate editor code and third party code.