Assembly Definition Files with Test Runner


We started using Unity 2017.3.0f3 that has new feature - Assembly Definition Files (AD).
We added AD files to all our scripts files and this caused to disappearance of all unit tests in Test Runner (TR), it seems that TR does not support AD files or does not work with assemblies that are not default project assemblies.
After removing AD files from script folders that contain unit test classes, TR started showing these unit tests.


Hi @maxim-vr
We had a bug where certain assembly names where ignored up by the Test Runner. This is fixed and should be working in the next upcomming patch (2017.3.0p2).
What where your asmdef name, then I can make sure it works

@HaraldNielsen We have the same problem. How do we use Assembly Definitions with EditMode unit tests?

I experienced related problems, but not 100% sure if they are the exact same you have experienced: Even in a minimal example project, Unity would not find any EditMode tests which were inside an asmdef dll, Issue tracker link. Unity QA says that in 2018.1 it will be possible to mark asmdefs as “Test assemblies”. This will exclude the assemblies from player builds - and perhaps also make the tests show up in the EditMode list of tests.