AssemblyInfo.cs solutions ?

Hellos guys,
is there any solution to create or simulate the "AssemblyInfo.cs" in Unity compiler process ?
I tried to take a look at Assembly & AssemblyBuilder classes and methods but I didn't find something to manage this.
I'm currently using an external library that needs this otherwise I have a lot of compiling issue in Unity due to same methods logic between some namespace.

In the native .NET project there is no issue but as soon as I import them in Unity it's blowing up everywhere :/
I tried to manage it with asmdef file but it seems to be not enough.

I have exactly the same problem... an answer will be welcome :)

I may not be understanding the problem correctly, but if I add an 'AssemblyInfo.cs' file in the same directory as an asmdef file it seems to compile the managed assembly utilising the AssemblyInfo.cs file (so far I've just done a basic test setting AssemblyVersion, which causes the generated .dll file to have the specified version). This is using Unity 2019.1.11.