Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'kValidSceneObjectIdentifier == res'

Since upgrading to this beta from 2017.2 beta, I'm having this weird issue with certain prefabs from many asset packs and even from the Unity Standard Assets.

Not all prefabs but a LOT of them, just selecting them in the project library will cause infinite spamming of this into the console:

Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'kValidSceneObjectIdentifier == res'

This only happens when selecting it in the project library. Interestingly once it is added to a scene, there is no problem.

Anyone have any idea what that might be?

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Hi jwvanderbeck,
Could you please submit a bug report with a minimal reproduction case for this issue and reply in here with the case #?

Huh I wasn't thinking of it as a bug so much as a change that required some updates to the assets, and was trying to figure out what that was, but sure I can submit it as a bug report.

Good news, we were able to reproduce this internally (no need for another report then). It is indeed a bug. You'll be able to follow it's resolution process through this link in a couple of hours:

LOL I literally JUST submitted it, sorry.

Thanks! Alternative reproducibles are never a bad thing to have.

This link doesn't seem to be valid.

I've told the devs about the broken link. Should be fixed soon. In the meantime: we have a fix for this issue! It still has to go through QA, but could land as soon as b5.

The issue is still in b8. Will it be fixed in b9? Is there a workaround?

Unfortunately not. It still has to be backported. I'll ask the devs for more info on Monday.

Still getting this error on B9

There are no workarounds for this issue other than using a prior version of Unity. The fix is not going to be in b10. There were merge conflicts that prevented earlier integration which still have to be fixed.

Found a workarounds for this issue
jest uncheck "Auto Generate" checkbox in Lighting Settings

Well, sure, if you don't need lightmaps. You get this same assertion error when lightmaps are baked, whether it's via auto or by manually baking. So, still looking forward to the fix.

Our devs are working on fixing this issue in 2017.3. It should make it in RC1 if everything goes as planned.

having this bug in 2017.3 , so the bug trigger at importing assets from other projects where some prefabs , scripts are missing

Which version are you using? This should be fixed in the latest release. If it still occurs there for you, could you please submit a new bug report with a reproduction project?

not occurring again . thank you :) again it's a minor bug , happens when i export assets from a project , but forget to include the prefabs or scripts . when i import it to the new project that bug keeps going in a loop , closing the project did fix it .