Assertion failed: Invalid worldAABB. Object is too large or too far away from the origin.

Hi all,
i habe some trouble with my Coin Pusher Scene.
I’ve made a simple Coin Pusher with two small little scripts. The first one is moving the plattform and the second one will instantiate a coin which falls into the coin pusher. The coin is a normal cylinder made by blender with a Rigitbody and a Mesh Collider. The Mover is also made in Blender with four Box colliders, one on each side.
The Coin Pusher is working fine, if i will klick the left mouse button a coin will created and falling into the pusher. After nearly 60-70 coins the game will stuck, the coins will disappear and i always get the messages:

Assetion failed: Invalid worldAABB. Object is too large or too far aray from the origin
Assertion failed: Invalid AABB aabb

What I’ve doing wrong?
THX Forward!

Here are some Images to help you better to understand (hopefully):

@gagagu I ran into the same error when accidentally assigning the value of “infinity” to a LineRenderer point. This can happen by doing something dumb like dividing by zero. Check your math or physics to make sure there’s anything that might result in something like that.

I had the same issue for days I tried everything all in vain, next I decided to reinstall unity again from updates section from unity website and it sorted my issue.