Assertion failure in AudioManager.cpp?

I'm getting this error: curSource->m_Channel != NULL

Assert in file: ..\..\Runtime\Audio\AudioManager.cpp at line: 947

There's no stack trace. It sometimes happens after I play audio (or maybe stop it). I have two AudioSources, and when the error happens one is playing music (loop=true) and the other is playing a sound effect (loop=false) which is then stopped (whether it has already finished or not), and another clip is played with PlayOneShot(). This is intermittent and the sound and the game seem to continue working. Any idea about what could cause this? Thanks.

This is fixed in our upcoming release (3.4)

I ended up rewriting a lot of the audio framework to support new functionality, and I found that this assertion happens every time a playing AudioSource has a null AudioClip. However, I still don’t understand how that was ever possible with the previous version of this framework–I may have been stopping an AudioSource by setting the clip to null, but I thought I was being more careful than that.

In any case, the error has gone away and I only suspect what I was doing wrong.,