Asset Automatically Re-Sizing (On it's own)

I've animated a run/walk/jump cycle using the Norman Rig, found on the 'Eleven Second Club' and I'm having trouble getting that animation to play. I've baked the animation inside Maya (exported as an .fbx), imported into Unity, and finally created an instance.

The weird issue I'm getting is that when I play the scene, Unity re-sizes my asset to it's original size (I had to up-size the model when I instantiated it). As soon as I stop, it returns to the size I set it before.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem before?

I've tried re-booting Unity and that didn't seem to work. I've also tried re-exporting the animation file from Maya. If anyone has any advice, that would be awesome!



Animation resets scale on your character.

Once you drop your character into scene you shouldn't scale it (or you can scale its parent if it's not animated). You should control globalScale on import settings instead.