Asset bundle mismatch in different Unity version

Hello All:

We have huge amount of assets bundles which are generated and pushed to version control. We are using Jenkin’s to build the asset bundles. Unity version on Jenkin’s server is different 4.0) while the development machines have different versions (4.1). When we try to load these bundles, we are getting “AssetBundle loading failed because the Mesh class serialization hash does not match. Supported: 978f0e12, loading: 9546f586” this exception.
I was under the impression that asset bundles will be backward compatible meaning bundles generated in old version can be loaded on new version of Unity.
I am not sure if my assumption is correct.
Do I have to have same version of unity on both the places?


Do not assume asset bundles are backwardly compatible. Specifically Unity 4.2 cannot load asset bundles created in older versions, as called out in the release notes. You should pick a Unity version and use that across your studio.