Asset bundle not getting loaded from cache

In my case instead of simple assetBundles I am dealing with Streamed Scene Asset Bundle.

In my Splash Screen Scene (Before getting in to the actual game) I download the asset bundle using www.loadfromcacheordownload() …it works fine.

	IEnumerator DownloadAssetBundle(string abname, string url, int version)
		www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(url, version);
		while (!www.isDone && www.error == null)
			Debug.Log("downloaded " + (www.progress * 100).ToString() + "%..." + "Asset Name : "+abname);
			yield return null;
		if ((www.error != null && !www.isDone))
			throw new System.Exception("WWW download had an error:" + www.error);
			yield return www;

Now when my game starts… I ask the user to select from available levels (that were downloaded as asset bundles)…

When I load one of these level … I again use www.loadfromcacheordownload() … so this time asset bundle is supposed to be loaded from cache …

	IEnumerator CreateLevelStringAndLoadLevel(int levelNumber)
		string levelToLoad = "Level_" + levelNumber;
		// We have an array of assetbundle info in our jChapterNode, so "chapterNumber - 1" refers to the track number of corresponding assetbundle
		string url = GetChapterURL(levelNumber);
		int version = GetChapterVersion(levelNumber);
		www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(url, version);        // should be loading from cache
		//yield return WaitForLoading();
		if(www.error != null)
			throw new UnityException("Error while downloading AssetBundle : " + www.error);
		if (Caching.IsVersionCached(url, version))
			bundle = www.assetBundle;
		async =  Application.LoadLevelAsync(levelToLoad);    			// Level that is to loaded has name Level_1, on...!!    
		while (!async.isDone)
			uiSlider.value = async.progress; // Show the progress bar increasing with 'async.progress'
			yield return null;

but my game crashes at this point (on devices) …and while play testing in editor … the editor crashes and I am not getting any other leads. No error no exception…nothing…!!

Where can the problem be … Please help…!!


Thanks in Advance…!!

Eventually I found out that there was nothing wrong with the code that I used…
It was the assetbundle that was causing issues for me… apparently there was a GameObject that was having a singleton class attached to it…and this GameObject was not getting used. So I removed it and everything was normal.

I am yet to figure out what is the relation between that GameObject being in my scene and my AssetBundle not getting loaded. Please if anyone is aware of that … kindly enlighten me…!!