Asset bundle resources becoming null.

So…whenever I load this assetbundle and store the asset in a gameobject, and then try to refer to it, it exists – but one frame later it’s turned null, and doesn’t exist in the list I’ve stored it in, either. I’ve tried using Unload(false) on the asset bundle – this will STOP unity from unloading the bundle’s in-scene data, right? But it doesn’t change anything. Really what I want is to load the bundle, place the bundle’s contents in a list, and then unload the bundle. What am I doing wrong?

IEnumerator Start () {
		yield return BundleUtils.instance.StartCoroutine("LoadBundle", new BundleArgs(1, _testURL));
		ab = BundleUtils.instance.GetLoadedBundle();
		GameObject abGo = ab.Load("BearMovie") as GameObject;
		//can instantiate here, or print the name of abgo, but it's null after here!
		_menu._items.Insert(0, new BenchmarkItem(BenchmarkMenuAction.AddPrefab, abGo));


This was a bug in another script. Case closed. This code works fine, actually. Sorry!