Asset bundle variants for android and iOS

I’m developing a game for Android and iOS devices and I’m trying to use asset bundles manager (from bitbucket) to have “hd”, “md” and “sd” variants for my assets, so I would like to know:

  1. is it possible to use iOS app slicing without enabling ODR? if it is, how do I enable app slicing feature?
    (In the main file i see the conditionals #if ENABLE_IOS_ON_DEMAND_RESOURCES and #if ENABLE_IOS_APP_SLICING separated on different sections as if it where possible to do so but in Player setting only when I enable on demand resources the variant settings appear)
  2. I’m trying to load assets variants from a device by installing the app already with them, so how do I do this?
    (based on the example LoadVariants I created some sprites, put them asset name and tags, built them, and used AssetBundleManager.SetSourceAssetBundleURL("file:///" + Application.dataPath + "/AssetBundles/"); to try to force the manager to not download but find them within the app but when I export for iOS I see it expects a server or web page to connect so it never loads them…perhaps I should use Assetbundle.LoadFromFile but www should still manage or it could be the path that is incorrect…)
    Thanks in advance.

Solved the second point by building the assetbundles in /Assets/StreamingAssets/ folder, following this guide and using Application.streamingAssetsPath to get them. I guess I’ll just enable both ODR and App slicing for iOS.