asset bundles loads locally but not from web player

can somebody assist me in diagnosing this problem

i uploaded the asset bundles to the server, and when i start the game locally (i have path from the server that i use in local build for example) it works but when i build a webplayer and upload it to the server, it doesn't work, i tried relative and absolute paths... what is going on?

here is what i found out: when i start the game localy i get this path from Debug.Log(Application.dataPath); F:/Game/Unity/Project/Assets when i start the game that i uploaded to the server i get this:

in what relation are the web build and files that need to be built? do i need to have hierarchy of folders or something.

locally it works, when i specify absolute path on the server like this and it works even if i have only file names...

so, my question is, do i need to have the same folder structure at the server side as i have in Assets that are local folder? and when building asset bundles do i need to build them with track dependencies or not to track?


For my asset bundles, I do this:

  • place your "Bundles" folder goes alongside the "Assets" folder (not in it).

  • work out where the bundles folder is by using with Application.dataPath

  • check Application.platform to determine if this is a webplayer build

    • If so, it add "/Bundles/" to the end of the dataPath.

    • If not, determine the correct type of delimiter to add ("/", "\" or ":", based on what's already in the dataPath) and adds "Bundles" surrounded by that, but also add "file://" to the beginning of the string (which means it's a valid local url for accessing a file).

Using this, my bundles work in the editor, standalone builds and webplayer builds.

Hope this helps!