Asset Bundles Question

I have a project due for a competition this Friday. The only problem is that im not finished. I know that the program has to be connected to the internet. So, can I “asset buldle” a scene, so it can replace the old scene in the app, Or can I just update the APK ( i know it is against Google Play rules, but its not on google Play…)

To be able to “update” the game after you already “release” it, you can use assets bundles.

Before I start explaining the process, keep in mind you can’t update code, only visual stuff (you can actually update code, but its much more complicated).

You can create scene/asset bundles using the following examples:

Asset Bundles

Scene Bundles

Keep in mind these are editor scripts.

As far as I know, you can’t run them at run-time.

You need to put the bundles on a server.

Then, in your app, use the following to load the bundle:


This is a run-time script.

If you got any more question or if there is something you don’t understand, ask.