Asset database damaged due to memory problems?

I have a somewhat general question, as I can’t really narrow my problem down:

I’m working on a big project (>10GB at the moment) with Unity 3.4 Pro and Asset Server on Win-7. From time to time when I update, my local asset database breaks down. When this happens, Unity lists an endless number of changes on assets I haven’t touched for months (or not at all), is unable to push local changes to the server, takes forever to list the local or server changes or simply crashes, when I open the server tab.

The only solution I’ve found for this problem is to replace the whole project with a copy from another machine (or download it from the server, which takes 1 full day minimum).

I suspect that the problem is caused in some way by my hardware configuration, since it doesn’t occur on other team member’s machines. Can this be f.i. a problem of Unity running out of memory or swap space? I’m using other memory intense programs parallel to Unity, like Photoshop and Maya and have found that it often helps to close them during the import of big updates.

A.t.m. there’s no chance of switching to 3.5, unfortunately :wink:

Cheers, vv

You don’t have to replace the whole project. But you may have to remove the whole Library/ folder hierarchy so that Unity can rebuild the database.

And yes, import of big files (mostly big FBX files) is memory and CPU intensive. I recommend to close any other application priori to updating (and to close Unity aswell if you’re using a VCS such as subversion).