Asset download getting stuck at same percentage

Hi all. I am downloading an asset I purchased (it is quite large), and no matter what I do, the download sticks at 57% and foes no further.
Things I have tried:

Restarting unity;

Downloading the package in a new project;

Deleting the .tmp and .json files in the asset store path in appdata;

Restarting the windows store (no idea why that should work, but someone had suggested it).

Is there any other idea I have missed?
I have been in touch with unity’s support team, and they proposed asking here.
I need the assets for my master’s dissertation which is on a tight schedule, so this is causing some stress.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m still hitting the same issue. I am going to have to try downloading on another network, maybe that will fix it. Will update when I get a chance to do that.