Asset License and Biohazzerd / Resident Evil lasers?

Hi guys. ive been working with unity for about 75 days now. and understand most of it. i am going to try and make a real game now. but if i could get some advise on how to make a laser sight, like on the Biohazzerd / Resident Evil games. Please advise. thanks!

P.S. Any license on the bootcamp / island demo assets?

There are several ways to go about creating a laser sight depending on what exactly you are looking for, but these are the simplest:

  • For a simple red dot that appears where you're aiming, you could simply add a projector to your gun with a red dot material (Additive).
  • For something more physically accurate with falloff, etc, you could add a spotlight to your gun with a spot angle of 1 and the color red. If you can see several objects that would be hit by it, you'd need to turn on some hard shadows on the light.
  • For something with volume, you could create a cylinder the length of a raycast with an appropriate material.
  • Again for something with volume, you could use a LineRenderer to create your line. See the 3D platformer tutorial's laser assets for an example if you need.

As per the FAQ, you should separate your questions into single and clearly related questions. I cannot speak to the licensing on the bootcamp/island demo assets and so this answer cannot be said to completely answer your question.