Asset Pipeline: Implemented accessor for saving data to .meta files.

Any details on this?

  • Asset Pipeline: Implemented accessor for saving data to .meta files.

Not seeing any related method in the AssetDatabase class.

It is especially weird since userData existed since forever

This is my release note :)
So, it should not have been a public note because this was done on the C++ side only, but here we are!

The issue that it addressed was that all over the codebase we had misc. string manipulations to edit some YAML which would result in the contents of a .meta file. When the new AssetOrigin feature (for the Asset Store) needed to add a new optional field to the .meta files, we went ahead and took that opportunity to tidy up the codebase and have a single class that would allow for the creation of the contents of a .meta file.

Instead of having code sprinkled throughout the codebase that was appending strings in a (hopefully) YAML format, we now go through a single point of entry where we can clearly define what fields should be present in the .meta file, and do a final call to generate the string that represents the .meta file.

Its not a user facing change, but more of a code cleanup change.

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Please make it user facing, this sounds super useful!

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