Asset Server install without root access.

I'm wanting to install Asset Server 2.0 on a linux virtual server hosted by There are a number of basic problems here. Firstly I don't have root / sudo access to the account. Secondly, I have to name all databases starting with my username.

Is this something that's relatively straightforwards, or should I just swap my hosting provider?

Thanks in advance,


I don't have direct experience with the type of setup you describe but I would imagine you're going to have quite a bit of trouble getting this working because of the database names. I'm guessing there are some dependencies on the database name in the unity client that accesses the asset server. I'd try to find some other hosting before putting much effort into getting this working at webfaction, preferably somewhere that gives you a virtual machine with root access.

Since you don't have source to the Asset Server client embedded in Unity3D I would think that renaming tables might be problematic. I've had no success tweaking the code and installer, even just to install on a non-RPM Linux like Debian, so ended up running Asset Server off a dedicated Amazon EC2 instance running a default Centos 4 distro. EC2 isn't the cheapest hosting solution but very flexible.

The second problem should not exist normally, as it does not sue a database they host, so no requirement to comply to anything from them. Its your own "application specific sqlite db". Access to projects is handled through administration interface so you can restrict access to projects on their username base without the requirement to mess with the underlying serialization etc (would make Asset Server a horrible thing if it was required) Otherwise the tables are untouchable to you at least if you want them to work any further and don't intend to rework the whole server.

The first problem potentially can be overcome if your rights at least entitle you to use make install. You will then lose the possibility to have it autostart as a deamon, thus being forced to start it up yourself, but it would at least be possible to get it onto the machine.