Asset Server - Revert/Ignore an Update

How do you ignore or revert an update/commit when using Asset Server?


  • We have a LARGE folder named GUI that contains hundreds of images.
  • We decided we’d like to rename the folder (if possible).
  • My co-worker, Fred, makes the change to his working copy then commits revision 5000
  • Revision 5000 breaks all the project’s associations that were made in the inspector

Because the commit was harmful, I obviously do not want to do an update. What should I do?

The most obvious thing to me was to have Fred revert his working copy back to the last safe revision (r4999) and commit again. We did this, but Asset Server is not allowing him to commit after reverting. Asset Server wants both Fred and I to update to revision 5000.

Updating to revision 5000 will take over 10 minutes and will break my project!

Rename the folder on your side before making the update. IMPORTANT: rename it WITHIN UNITY, not via Finder/Explorer externally (I assume this is what Fred did? So his commit contains a “delete” and many “new” entries, instead of a “move” entry? If not, please clarify this before proceeding!)

Renaming it in your working copy will create a conflict on update. Now you can update, and simply select “Ignore server changes” for that folder, once the conflict window appears.

Or manipulate the asset server directly:

From within Unity you cannot ignore/delete a commit. But on the machine holding the asset server there should be some ways to administer the database directly, maybe it’s possible to delete the latest commit there directly, not sure.