Asset Server "Role admin does not exist"

Whenever I connect to the unity asset server, I always recieve the error “Could not login to localhost role “admin” does not exist.” I have been trying to combat this problem for hours now and I haven’t had any luck at all.
(picture below)


I have also attempted to manually connect to my Ip Address, which does not work either
(picture below)


The password I have been using is 100% correct; so I really do not know why the authentication of the password would fail? I have opened the required port on both TCP and UDP, and completed all of the requirements to setup the server

I have re-installed the server countless times, and have tried many many things… I just don’t know what to do at this point.

Thanks for your help guys.

I am getting the same issue. If I try to use “unitysrv” for the user name, I get this error: Could not fetch a list of projects on server: ERROR: relation “all_databases__view” does not exist

thanks for posting. Well I won’t need to re install windows since I already have the asset server working on my 3.5 version of unity. but it was to connect to a distant server. Here I’m trying to host locally the asset server on my machine ( windows 7 64 bit ) but nothing works … Really frustrating. Anyway if Santa can send me an answer I would really appreciate … :slight_smile:

For all still struggling with this, try:

  1. Uninstall Asset Server (don’t skip this)
  2. Install Asset Server again