Asset Store Being Slow?

Downloaded Unity 4 like 2 weeks ago. Been using it fine, browsing the Asset Store just great. All of a sudden, about 2 days ago, the Asset Store has slowed down to a crawl, taking around 4-5 minutes to fully open and a couple minutes each time I click on something. Basically making itself unusable. The rest of Unity seems to be working fine. I’ve tried everything I could think of to fix it. Restarted my computer, re-installed Unity, cleaned the registry, and turned off firewalls/AV. (not in that order)

It’s not my internet speed either. Netflix, YouTube, and don’t show a slowdown.

Any help for why this might be happening is much appreciated!

Hey all;
Just ran into this myself with the latest build of Unity - I noticed a similar issue with a game that was built with Unity (Kerbal Space Program), I noticed that it was WAAAY slower to load on my system at home (the one I use to dev) than the machine I have at my full-time job.

Did some snooping, turns out you can run into this issue when you have multiple Network adapters that could potentially be active - or in my particular case, whenever my Hamachi network adapter is enabled it causes both Kerbal Space Program and Unity’s Asset Store to load incredibly slow.

Disabled the Hamachi adapter - and BAM. Both load quickly.

Just thought I’d pass this along.


There are many reasons why the asset store could be running slow. Some of which could be;

  • A slow server connection.
  • A bad connection To the server from your internet provider.
  • Internet Congestion.
  • Bandwidth Utilization (for example, many people are downloading from the asset store at once flooding the pipe at the asset store’s end)
  • Troubles in the datacentre the asset store server is physically located.

There are a number of other possible scenarios however, all of them are considered to be out of the end user’s control.