Asset Store connection timed out

Hi, im trying to download UMA Asset but it fails and gives me a error message “Connection timed out after 5008 miliseconds”. Im running the trial of the latest unity version. I tried already reinstalling 3 times and deinstalled my antivirus programm plus shut down firewall. I dont know what else to do. Any help? Thanks

Edit: Solved

I solved creating 2 env variable
HTTP_proxy and HTTPS_proxy
each one containing “proxyusername:proxypassword@proxyurl:proxyport”

Restart Unity & enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


Tried & tested 2 solutions to this:

  1. R-Click: MyComputer → Properties → Advanced System Settings → Advanced(Tab) → Envrionment Variables
  1. Create a batch file: (Very good especially if you have no admin rights)
    set HTTP_PROXY=
    set HTTPS_PROXY=
    start D:\MyInstallPath\Editor\Unity.exe