Asset store crash

Hi Everyone!
I’m having a problem with my unity - everytime I try to open asset store whole Unity just crashes. I’ve tried to reinstall(I’ve removed all the unity files from %temp% and %appdata%) the same version of unity (4.0), now I have 4.1 and still I have the same problem. Also when I try to download asset via webpage of asset store unity crashes (i’ve reported this bug long time ago, but no response).

Did anyone also had this problem? Is there any way to repair it, or to download assets as unitypackage, and then import it manually into Unity?

Thanks for any answer


Well I just asked a ‘similar’ question but it hasn’t been approved yet by the administrators here.

If you have added a list of loopback IP addresses


to stop flash ad exchanges I know that you will not be able to connect to the ‘Update Server’ and connecting to the Asset Store will throw a [Global Exception] in some javascript / HTML in Unity but my Unity still runs so maybe you have a different problem. It sounds so similar that I thought I’d suggest you check that.