Asset store devolopers

Unity Asset Store is one of the biggest asset stores in the development community. My goal is to provide users with the best assets they want, so as a developer, what assets do you use in your project? and what quality you prefer. Any information I can get will help build a good community. Thanks for your time.

I don’t want to disappoint you but you will make far more money having a dev job than listing things on Asset Store. Having a well selling asset is something achievable for very experienced devs who know their craft even better than most; these people don’t ask others what they need, because they already know it. Also - you won’t be able to develop their ideas without having their experience, skill and knowledge of the topic.

Your time will be better spent shipping something small on because these things you can put on your resume and will give you valuable experience. As a side effect the process of developing something will give you plenty of ideas for assets.