Asset Store Down?

Hey guys,

This is my first post, and I apologize if I’m in the incorrect forum.

I have been trying to submit to the Asset Store since yesterday. Is the Asset Store down right now? However, I can connect and browse the Asset Store in Google Chrome.

I am using Unity 4.0 and I am in the middle of a project and we do not want to upgrade yet.

I rebooted and cleared my G.Chrome Cache… I dont use Firefox nor the Default Windows Internet. Unity is not spitting out any errors through the Console. I even tried logging in via the Package Manager and the error it gives is ‘Failed Communication.’

Lastly, I attached a screenshot of what its actually doing. Its just loops the ‘Loading’ graphics. I let it sit for an hour yesterday and I didnt get anywhere.

Any Ideas?alt text

Have you tried sending some info through the Asset Store web form?

One of these will help you.

UA is mostly community based so Asset Store problems will need direct contact.