Asset Store gray screen in Unity (MacBook Pro; 10.12)

I’m trying to get some assets from the Asset Store, but every time I open it in editor, it stays a gray screen. I’ve never had this issue and have been googling it for the past hour and everyone has said to Disable Direct X, but that’s for Windows. I’m on macOS Sierra, so that’s not the issue. I’ve even added “Mac” to the search terms, nothing. Reinstalled unity, hasn’t solved it. What could be the issue for this to all of a sudden stop working?

I’ve found a solution. Don’t use the asset store as a tab. Drag the tab (embedded window) to a single window. If the asset store is not embedded in the main window then you can show the asset store correctly.

I have the same problem after updating to MacOS Sierra (10.12) on a MacBook Pro. I guess the last released version of Unity is not compatible with Sierra. I have the problem with the Unity versions from 5.3 to 5.5.

thanks and save my time!

On macs “fontd” process may be the problem. Open your Activity Monitor, if the “fontd” eats almost all CPU thats a cause. As mentioned here you need to open your Terminal and write:

sudo atsutil databases -remove; atsutil server -shutdown