Asset Store Manager ERRORS!

Allright. Before I break my screen and delete Unity, I think I am going to ask here. Sorry for the tone but I am pissed with this tool.

So When I open the Asset Store Tool, Unity freezes and I have a log message of:

SecurityException: no valid crossdomain policy available to allow access.

I know what crossdomain.xml but that’s irrelevant.

The first time I started the tool it worked ok. Then I went to the publisher settings (from within the tool) and selected some images. Those images were NOT in the same project. That might be the issue because I believe that The Asset Store Manager has kept those paths somewhere.

I tried deleting the folders, importing Asset Tools to another project but no avail…I am just stuck!


I’m getting the same error from time to time too!
Asset Store Tools, Y U NO WORK?!