Asset Store Music...Is it licensed to sell a 3d film?

Can a company make a 3d film with unity and the unity store assets?
I mean can assets such as music, models, textures, environments be used in creation of scenes and renders for sale in images and video? The license specifies “interactive media.” Does this include movies and image renders which are not necessarily interactive?

I messaged a very similar question to the Support Team of Unity.
My question if it is okay to create let’s play videos and then uploading on YouTube

Thanks for your continued patience on
I have heard back from the store team. They have told me that
its perfectly fine for a user to
include music bought on the Asset
Store in their game, and then to
create a video of the finished
product and upload it to youtube.
If the user is using it as
“overlay” music and it is not
actually part of the game, that is
not ok. Oscar Kind Regards, Oscar
Customer Services Engineer

So it is fine to create Let’s Play Videos of the finished product and then upload it to YouTube but overlaying is not okay.

But in your case you would use it as a overlay which is not part of the game and therefore I would say it’s not allowed.