Asset store - One license per seat


i need clarification on one license per seat, and i give example:

  • we are indie developers team
  • we hired one freelancer to program something
  • it requires Editor Extensions Asset (one license per seat)
  • freelancer will be only person to work with that Asset until he finish the job

Now, we need clarification:

  1. we buy that asset and give it to freelancer while he works for us. after job done, asset is ours again
  2. we need to give money to freelancer to buy that asset, and after he finish job for us, that asset is his.

Second option is kind a crazy, since if we need later to change something, we need to buy again that asset, and even more crazy that if we don’t know how to do that or want to add something new, and we need to hire another freelancer, then we again have to buy that asset, which leads to that that after two purchases we still don’t have that asset, while two temporary hired guys have it? And each time same thing…

Can we use our team account or at least make new one with that asset and give it temporary to hired freelancer, since in any case only one person (1 seat) will be used for that asset.
What is solution to this issue?

You sort this out with the contractor. You do need another seat for the contractor if they do not have one.

Sometimes they’ll include the cost in their fees, sometimes you provide it, sometimes they’ll be in house and use one of your local extras, sometimes you have a separate UAS account setup for this purpose. Sometimes they’ll do that… It all depends.

Either way you would probably want it to be cost effective for you so having extra seats on hand is the best solution. There is no draconian tracking on most assets so typically you just buy enough seats to cover however many people will simultaneously be using it.