Asset store publisher payment delay

I am facing a delay in my asset store payments.I choose paypal as transfer method.Last 2 Years, I got payments of previous month in the next month, every 15th day.But now, payments not received in paypal.It shows “In Progress”. Does Anybody know how much time it will takes???

I am also seeing a delay on my payout as well. This happens sometimes and they take a few days to get it out.

Not yet received payment April month (march sales) . Can you please confirm any one got payments. ,Today 23rd April ,not yet received payout , its too delay. Can you please confirm any one got the payment this months (march sales)

Brogame105, same here. Maybe they will send it before 30.wait…

Same problem here (from Brazil)… :frowning:

This is nothing that can be resolved by the community so the question doesn’t really belong here. See

for more details. Maybe they have some temporary issues, who knows. UA is not a news ticker. If you have questions about payouts you should contant the sales support.