Asset Store Refund Policy

Hi, I have not been able to find any information on this…What is the refund/return policy for items purchased in the asset store? Is everything non-refundable?

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PS I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this question or if it should be on the community forums, I’m a bit new to unity still :slight_smile:

The current answer is that refunds are possible, but you need to contact the asset seller first. If the seller agrees to a refund, the seller then needs to contact with the order number and say that a refund has been agreed on.


Assets that cannot be previewed by the Customer (such as software): Provider
authorizes Unity to give the Customer a full refund of the Asset price if
the Customer requests the refund within 2 (two) weeks after purchase.

According to this forum page, yes, refunds are possible. You probably want to contact Caitlyn, the “Asset Store Content Manager”.

It is up to the seller whether to give you a refund or not. This is what the publishers on the asset store do when you request a refund:

If a customer asks you for a refund, please take the following steps:

First, assess the problem. The customer may be having trouble with your asset and their problem may be resolved with a little support and guidance. Help work out the problem and provide a fix if possible.

If you’re unable to assist the customer in this way, they may have purchased the wrong asset or realised it does not suit their needs. Under these circumstances, refunds are entirely at your discretion.

If you decide to refund the customer, then you will need to send a refund request to Please include the customer’s invoice, so the team know what they are refunding.

So they may or may not give you a refund.