Asset Store Screenshots not updating


I’m having trouble updating the screenshots of my assets using the Asset Store Manager. I’m trying to replace some old screenshots with some new ones, but whenever I delete the old screenshots they reappear when I sign back in and whenever I go to the preview the old screenshots always appear whether I have just deleted them or not. The new screenshots are not shown in the preview. I have re-downloaded the asset store tools and re-imported it but this did not fix it.

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem and whether anyone knows a fix.

Thanks for all replies in advance

you need to find the main screen shot and delete that and the folder its in if that don’t work then write back jan16 2014

Sounds like a cache problem, but is it at your end or on Unity’s asset store server? I had a similar issue with a website I was connecting to using a Firefox bookmark. It wouldn’t update my user data no matter how many times I cleared my local cache and restarted my browser. What finally worked was navigating to the site manually rather than through the bookmark, which had somehow retained site data even after I cleared the cache. I think the bookmark was taking me to a cached copy of the page on the server, and not using the bookmark forced it to re-fetch the correct data. Not sure if this will help here, but might be worth a try if any of these circumstances apply to you.

I have now fixed this problem. One of these things fixed it:

  • I had 2 projects one called ‘Wave Creator Asset Store’ and one called ‘Wave Creator - Asset Store’ It’s possible that Asset Store Tools wasn’t picking up the ‘-’ sign and confusing the projects.
  • There was an Asset Store Tools update

I changed the project name and updated Asset Store Tools at the same time so I’m unsure on which of these solutions was the fix.