Asset store subbmision problem

Hi, I’m new as seller in asset store and I received email they would like to work into my scene and read my tutorial. It looks like problem is I cannot add my scene in to market and pdf file but in market we can see many assets with those files.[31066-unity+asset+store+problem.png|31066]

I also saw that tutorial about submission we can find here: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
Can anyone help me :slight_smile:

When you in your case select the “Flashlight” directory to be submitted as your package, all content within that directory will be part of the package (including pdf files). You don’t need to mark them as main assets. All content will also be part of the Package Contents area on the package page in the shop, including a small preview (to the extent that Unity provides a preview).

The main assets selection is only meant for prefabs and more elaborate content that can be provided with an advanced and/or interactive preview within Unity itself, when searching the Asset Store in the Project Browser in Unity. There is no need to check off png’s and stuff like that.

Best regards,
Thomas, Unity Asset Store