Asset Store Window does not work?

Whenever I pull up the asset store it is gray and shows it is loading, then when it finishes loading, it is just blank white. If I click around to much after that, Unity freezes.
I have tried multiple techniques to fix this, disabling “Use Direct3D 11” & running Unity as an administrator.
I can use the project folder, search something in the asset search bar, then click on asset store, and from their I can get products, but this has limitations compared to the actual window.
Lastly, I would like to note that when I do this the console says this error *Red stop sign & exclamation sign" url:

And that is bassically all I can think of on this problem. How does one fix this?

I updated to Unity 4.6.1 and the store window stopped doing that. Other problems like missing UI components went away too :slight_smile: TYTYTY unity staff!

DirectX11 Fix is for grey screen. You Window is loading but the content is not updating or updating slowly. This is usually a firewall issue or you have very slow internet, like me.

Try waiting!

*Red stop sign & exclamation sign"

You can safely ignore this.

In fact what I did, (who knows if it had any effect) was immediately open an inspector tab in the Asset store window and switch to it before the freeze. Come back to it a few minutes later, it should be fine.