Asset Store window is blank - again

From scanning this forum, it looks like this problem showed up a couple of years ago.

It’s back.
Opening the Asset Store window shows just a blank screen. It looks like Unity thinks there’s something there, because the cursor changes, but all it shows is dark gray.

OS X 10.12.1
Unity 5.4.2f1

Is there a fix?

Please look at:

The workaround to access the asset store when using mac OS Sierra is to drop the tab to a single window. Than you can see the asset store. Unity or Sierra don’t support to display the asset store in the tab (embedded window).

Tx. This problem has been really annoying.

Thank you for this answer…
I being pulling my hair for days trying o figure out WHY THE HELL the Asset Store was not working.

@MASTware Your workaround works, but I don’t think it is just a Sierra problem. If I open my copy of Unity3D version 4.6.2 (which is a Personal/Free version) in Sierra, Asset Store opens just fine as an embedded window.

You deleted the unityhelper.exe

Yeah im having this problem only I can see it for 1 sec then it all goes grey until i scroll or resize the window. then goes grey 1sec later again. But if another program like chrome had focus I can hover over asset store in editor and scroll and read it fine no issues but soon as I give unity focus again it goes grey.

Making it it’s own windows makes it worse.

Windows 10 w AMD Radeon gfx driver.