Asset Store

Alright, so I need some help with the asset store. I found some assets that I wanted to use, and when I clicked “open in unity”, it just opened up the unity home screen and did nothing. I know you’re supposed to use the asset store from within Unity, but I can’t find where to open it in Unity. Everyone says it’s “Go to window, then click assets store”, but I don’t see a “window” button. Please halp??

P.S. I have the latest version of Unity, so the issue isn’t just updating Unity

From my understanding your asking where the asset store is inside unity: The answer: Open any project and the asset store should be selectable in the upper section of the editor. Also if you are using a Mac you can go to the whitish clear bar near the top and click on window (with unity engine selected) and scroll down to “Asset Store” or hit “command 9”.


The problem is… the asset store window is empty.
When acces the store online. “Open in unity tab” has same results.
No store… No assets. new unity 5.4.1.p2

Same exact issue. Was working, then simply stopped, made no changes I am aware of. Tried the DX11 removal, tried to uninstall and re-install, no go.

Try to either close your project then open it up again (it helped me), or deleting the tab and adding a new asset store tab.