asset store

I would like to start makeing and selling models in the unity asset store but i am not good textureing them unless i get the texture off the internet but in order for me the sell the objects i would have to make the textures or can i just get them off the internet

You can get the images from wherever you want, but you DO need the owner’s permission to use the image. Some images are in the public domain, and those will not require special permission, but you still may wish to make note of THAT license. This may sound like a bit of a pain, and it IS, but it’s necessary to avoid being sued. I would keep a record of all permissions acquired, for each image/image-set.

I have not re-read the unity asset store contract, to confirm it prohibits the use of copywritten materials you do not have rights to. But I suspect that IS in there someplace: Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA

Some companies, like movie studios, even have whole departments that do nothing but acquire (usually with $$$) permission to use other artists materials!

@glurth Thanks for your help man yea im not a fan of being sued :slight_smile: so all I need to do is just keep a record of were I got the pics but if they are public domain I can use them but still keep a record in the file then right?