AssetBundle "JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old" with large textures

Using Unity 2019.2, I encounter a problem loading (at runtime) an AssetBundle containing a 3D model with a texture with crunch compression (50%).

Every time I load a 3D model at runtime from the asset bundle, I get this message :

JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old.
To Debug, enable the define: TLA_DEBUG_STACK_LEAK in ThreadsafeLinearAllocator.cpp. This will output the callstacks of the leaked allocations
Internal: deleting an allocation that is older than its permitted lifetime of 4 frames (age = 6)

How to reproduce :

  • Create an asset bundle with a 3D model (a simple cube is enough) having a very large texture (+10mb uncompressed, 8K texture, like the one I attached) and use crunch compression at 50%. For the bundle, juste use uncompressed or LZMA settings.

  • Load the model and place it in the scene with LoadAssetAsync with the following code

       public string path = "/path/cube";
     void Update()
         if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.K))
     public IEnumerator LoadAsset()
         AssetBundleCreateRequest bundleLoadRequest = AssetBundle.LoadFromFileAsync(path);
         yield return bundleLoadRequest;
         AssetBundle Bundle = bundleLoadRequest.assetBundle;
         if (Bundle == null)
             Debug.Log("Failed to load AssetBundle!");
             yield break;
         AssetBundleRequest assetLoadRequest = Bundle.LoadAssetAsync<GameObject>("cube");
         yield return assetLoadRequest;
         GameObject prefab = assetLoadRequest.asset as GameObject;

You should see the message. I think this warning is due to the processing of the texture which is done with AUP (Async Upload Pipeline) on jobs that last more than 4 frames (due to the size of the texture), because it would not show up if crunch compression is not activated.

I already tried to change the async buffer and the time slice values in the quality settings, but it changes nothing. I reported a bug but my ticket was ignored and closed.

Any idea ? Is it a bug to be fixed for large textures ?

alt text

Up. Any clue ?