AssetBundle theory in reallife not working


as far as I know AssetBundles should contain content with dependencies.
For example if I stream a whole scene into an AssetBundle it should work with the following lines:

string[] name = new string[] {"anypath"};
string path = "Export/exportedFile.unity3d";

The export works but the built file seems to be really really small. That seems not to be propper. What did I wrong?

And another question: MacOS doesn’t support streaming scripts and executing them later on. How will AssetBundle handle scripts for MacOS? Will the script-component be only available as reference or will it simply just be removed?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

AssetBundles cannot contain scripts without the use of reflection. Did you mean ScriptableObjects?

You can check what is inside an AssetBundle with a simple script like this:

static void ShowAssetBundleContents(string bundleName)
	AssetBundle bundle = BundleHelper.Create(bundleName);
	UnityEngine.Object[] objects = bundle.LoadAll();
	Debug.Log(string.Format("==== {0} [{1} assets] ====", bundleName, objects.Length));
	foreach (UnityEngine.Object o in objects)