Assets\InputHandler.cs(17,20): error CS1519: Invalid token ';' in class, record, struct, or interface member declaration

It says that there shouldn’t be a ‘;’ after ‘Camera.main’ but when I remove it, another error appears saying that it should be there. Can someone help me?

Here is my code:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

namespace JG
    public class InputHandler : MonoBehaviour
        public float horizontal;
        public float vertical;
        public float moveAmount;
        public float mouseX;
        public float mouseY;

        PlayerControls inputActions;


        Vector2 movementInput;
        Vector2 cameraInput;

        public void OnEnable()
            if (inputActions == null)
                inputActions = new PlayerControls();
                inputActions.PlayerMovement.Movement.performed += inputActions => movementInput = inputActions.ReadValue<Vector2>();
                inputAction.Camera.performed += i => cameraInput = i.ReadValue<Vector2>();

        private void OnDisable()

        public void TickInput(float delta)

        private void MoveInput(float delta)
            horizontal = movementInput.x;
            vertical = movementInput.y;
            moveAmount = Mathf.Clamp01(Mathf.Abs(horizontal) + Mathf.Abs(vertical));
            mouseX = cameraInput.x;
            mouseY = cameraInput.y;


Syntax is slightly off, you’ve got to give it a name before you give it a value:

Camera myCamera = Camera.main;