Assets/Mouse.js(23,10): BCE0020: An instance of type 'UnityEngine.Animator' is required to access non static member 'Play'.

My problem is that I am trying to get my animator to trigger a state on it but I don’t know how to call the state. I am not trying to call this with a click or a button press. I just want the script to fire it off for me. I have provided my script below as you will see.

#pragma strict

//private var state = 0;
internal var animator : Animator; // var to store the animator component
var idle : GameObject;
var scratch : GameObject;
var idleSound : AudioClip;
var scratchSound : AudioClip;
var enabled = true; 
function Start () {

animator = GetComponent(Animator); // assign the Animator component
//Animator.Play(idle: string, Mouse.Base Layer: int = -1, 1: float = float.NegativeInfinity): void;
Animator.Play ("idle");

//if (Animator.isPlaying)

//yield WaitForSeconds(1);

//if (!Animator.isPlaying)
Animator.Play ("MouseScratch");
//if (animation ["MouseScratch"].enabled == true){	
//if (Animator.isPlaying);

function Update () {

//if (state == 0){
//	state = 1;
//	return;


You want small ‘a’ animator on line 23. ‘Animator’ with an upper case ‘A’ is the class. You want the ‘animator’ you initialized with GetComponent() (which is the instance of that class attached to this game object).