Assets/Scripting/ClassicGameController.cs(14,36): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `:' "GUI TEXT STUFF"

very simple, float to guitext, dont know whats going on here think the C# fatuige is getting to me. :smiley:
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class ClassicGameController : MonoBehaviour 

	public static float EarthLife = 1000;
	public GUIText EarthLifeText; 
	public void update()
		EarthLifeText.Text : "" + EarthLife;  //set LP of Earth.


in future, please format ALL of your code.

2 problems here - one of which is obvious and if the line numbers match up (which is why formatting is important!) then you’d see it was on this line:

EarthLifeText.Text : "" + EarthLife;

:? you mean =, right?

however, it’s not a great idea to do this here - better to do it wherever EarthLife changes - setting it every frame is going to slow things down a little…

the other is your function name - unity automatically calls Update() but not update(). pay attention to the case :wink: